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How It Works


First, click on the Elevator and look for a Topic that interests you. Let’s raise the level of that conversation, together.


From the Balcony we get a better view of the facts, the best questions, most helpful responses—then we build a Menu of Solutions to choose from.

Idea Leaderboard

Like a sport page and a menu, solutions are ranked in real-time by support from all four-sides of the Ideologically Balanced Table™

Decision Making

Turn unproductive social media time into productive VirtualCommitees™ time.
Structured Conversations beat Paralysis by Analysis.

Better sounding answers come from asking better sounding questions, lots and lots of them. Personal and collective reflection yields better answers.
We're Scouts
We search for the best research and solutions. Then stand on their shoulders. 
Idea Walls
Sharing lots of ideas for others to consider is like a treasure hunt not a prizefight. Three scoops of new Ideas :: Intent, Singles, and Packages.

Team Thinking

Advanced decision-making tools are built in...

Divergent thought first, lateral thinking, fact linking, fact ordering, first principle, question storming with ranking, silent ideation, solution scoring, gauging sentiment and direction, two-way threading, anonymous and non-anonymous options, tight and loose length parameters, crowdsourcing, timeshifting, behavioral economics ordering of the Survey items, smart editor for essays.  

As easy to use as social media (but without the echo chamber)

Collaborative solution building outperforms endless talking which makes tiresome public policy work more like a team sport.

Every Thought Counts

Level the playing field for introverts by democratizing ideation. 


What can all four sides of the Ideological Table agree on?

Three iterations of this process have been perfected over eight years, with hundreds of people participating. All with the single-minded purpose of raising the level of public policy discourse in this country.

If we Begin at Agree® instead of never-ever getting there, you’ll be surprised how many nearly unanimous, vast supermajority, and supermajority solutions can be identified. Not just the popular but also the well studied. 

Think of it like a team treasure hunt.

The software is unbiased, It doesn’t care if a new law is passed or an old one eliminated, or whether it's a private sector and/or public secor solution. Let the metrics speak for themselves. The answers are revealed through the ideologically balanced Table Scores— what the four sides of the Table can agree on.

Public policy that reads like the sports page.

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Foundations 80 - 240 Users

plus a one-time set-up fee of $1600
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